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Denix Rifle Replicas

Handmade by master craftsmen at Denix, these ornamental replica rifles of famous and antique guns each incorporate a firing mechanism that is designed to mimic the actual workings of the original rifle in every way. Each Denix replica rifle is generally made from high-grade casting alloy and complemented with genuine hardwoods when applicable. The finish on each replica rifle echoes either the as-made finish of the original rifle or the delicate patinas that rifles acquire over time. Our Rifle Replicas include models from the Colonial, Civil War, Western and Modern era. These replicas are naturally intended for re-enactment, collection, display, and decoration. Even though the lock actions on the replica rifles are mechanically functional like the originals, these replicas are completely safe and non-firable. For this reason, you do not need a federal license to own, buy or sell them.