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9mm Blank Guns

The guns featured here are replicas of actual Semi-Automatic 9mm handguns, but are made to fire blank ammunition. If you are in the market for a PPK, Firat, Jackal, Volga, M85, Dicle or Sava, then we have just what you are looking for! These genuine full-size machined metal blank-firing guns are unable to fire real ammunition, but the realistic working action allow these gun models to fire 9mm blanks semi-automatically. Each blank-firing gun from Replica Weaponry arrives fully assembled, but can be disassembled by a qualified gunsmith if you wish. These blank-firing guns carry the weight and feel of their hard-to-get original counterparts. To be clear, these are not firearms and, as such, they do not require a federal license. The barrels of these blank-firing guns have been permanently plugged to be compliant with Federal law. The clips are removable and extra clips are available for some of the guns. Please note: There are two types of 9mm blanks ammo; be sure you are using the correct ammo for your particular gun.

Uses for Blank Guns:

  1. Starter pistols (another name for blank firing guns) are fired to signal the start of track and field races, as well as swimming races at some swim meets. Often, the firing of the gun will result in a visible cloud of smoke. 9mm blanks specifically made for blank guns are used for safety and to prevent injury.
  2. Blank-firing guns make excellent stage and movie props, particularly for Westerns and police dramas.
  3. Use blank firing guns for training your hunting dog. Dogs are naturally skittish around gunfire, so they have to be introduced to the sounds and react accordingly before you can take them hunting.
  4. For gun collectors, blank-firing guns from Replica Weaponry are an ideal option that offers the authentic appearance of collectible guns at a mere fraction of the cost.
  5. For military, police or homeland security training, blank-firing guns are cheaper, safer and easier to use and maintain than real guns.