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8mm Blank Guns

These guns are replicas of popular semi-automatic handguns, but are made to fire 8mm blank ammunition. If you are looking for a 8mm blank (semi-Auto) M92SB-F, a .45 Government or popular James Bond PPK style, then you are at the right place! These authentic full-size machined metal blank-firing guns can not fire real ammunition. With a realistic working action, these gun models fire semi-automatically. Blank-firing guns from Replica Weaponry come fully assembled, but can be disassembled by a qualified gunsmith. These blank-firing guns weigh and feel just like the hard-to-get-originals. Because these are not actual firearms, no Federal license is required. The barrels are on these blank-firing guns are permanently plugged in compliance with Federal law. Extra clips are available for some guns. The slide actions work like originals. The clips are removable.