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Replica Sets - Framed | Boxed

Offering the largest selection of collectible framed and boxed sets, Replica Weaponry has Old West, Civil War and Modern style frames sets catering to most tastes and styles. Some of our more popular replica gun framed sets include George Washington, Gettysburg, Billy the Kid and Texas Rangers. Our boxed sets include reproductions of the some of the most famous guns used in history. Many sets include prints depicting famous battle scenes or badges celebrating the lawman of the Wild West. 
All replica gun framed sets are now available in our standard light wood and our new rich dark wood frames. Each historic non-firing replica is mounted on deluxe wood frames with a unique pair of gun holders. The spring loaded holders allow for easy removal of the pistol for closer inspection. Each frame comes with a brass identification plaque and other historic collectibles of the famous personality or event depicted in the set.