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We currently offer seven different types of blanks:

  • 8mm blanks. For all our 8mm modern blank firing guns (very loud, outdoor use only);
  • 9mm blanks. For all our 9mm modern guns (very loud, outdoor use only);
  • 9mm blanks (.380 caliber/ full load). For some police model and western revolvers (very loud, for outdoor use);
  • 9mm blanks (.380 caliber/ half load) and 9mm blanks (.380 caliber/ Primer only). For some police model and Western revolvers (for use indoors, theatres);
  • .22 caliber crimps. For some police model, Western revolvers and starter guns (for use track and swim meets, some theatres);
  • .22 caliber crimps LONG. For some police models, for use track and swim meets and some theatres.