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New Bruni 380 Mod,II Blank Firing Revolver - Nickel Finish Nickel Finish


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Blank Firing Gun
9MM REV/.380 R cal
Front Firing
Cannot Ship To:
CT, DC, IL (Chicago, Aurora), KS (Topeka), MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, PR, RI, WI
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This detective style snub nose blank firing revolver is similar to the gun style seen in so many movies. Perfect as a functional movie prop or starter pistol, this pistol will not let you down. The blank gun feature finger grooved polymer grips for comfort and function. The blank guns fires both single and double action. The Swing out cylinder holds 5 9mm revolver blanks.

.380 Blank Firing Revolver Features
  • Front Firing
  • Swing out cylinder
  • Nickel Finish
  • Finger Grooved Polymer Grips
  • Single and Double Action
  • Snub nose
  • Measurements
  • Barrel Length: 2"
  • Length: 6.75"
  • Weight: 2lbs

  • Note: All post 1898 replicas have an orange plug at the end of the barrel as required by law